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What qualifies as a Storm?

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Know the different types of storms to be aware of.

First, what defines a storm? : Wikipedia states, “A storm is any disturbed state of an environment or in an astronomical body's atmosphere especially affecting its surface, and strongly implying severe weather.”

What qualifies as a storm?

  1. Derecho Storm- This type of storm is unpredictable but usually occurs between June and July in warm weather. It’s a large series of storms that come one after another over a path of at leat 240 miles with the wind speed of at least 58 mph.
  2. Flooding- Floods often cause massive destruction, ruining the homes of families and businesses. They occur due to rain and fast rising water that is too much for drains to handle.
  3. Hail Storms- These storms cause damage to roofs, windows, property damage, vehicle damage, and much more. They occur when water in the clouds becomes so cold that it freezes and turns to ice. Only when the ice becomes too heavy is when it falls to the ground as what we know as hail.
  4. Snow Storms- These storms can be very destructive. When snow lands on top of roofs or buildings, it can be so heavy that it causes roof damage or even collapse a roof. They can also block drains which then causes flooding.
  5. Hurricanes- Ones that reach land can be extremely destructive. They are the most powerful type of cyclone and they are identified as “low pressure systems, high winds, heavy rainfall and storm surges and swells” says RJI Professionals.
  6. Ice Storms- These types of storms make freezing rain which covers everything in ice and can be dangerous to vehicles driving on the ice.
  7. Lightning- Lighting is a big factor in causing falling trees, wildfires, property fires, and even power outages.
  8. Thunder storms- These types of storms cause excessive weather conditions such as hail, tornadoes, and flooding causing damage to the land around it.
  9. Tornadoes- This storm is extremely dangerous. With winds traveling up to 300mph, it can uproot homes from the ground and toss them across the land.
  10. Tropical storms- These storms are classified as a tropical storm only when the wind blows at around 39-73 mph and are prevalent in the pacific and Atlantic. These storms can create damage done by water and debris picked up from the wind.

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