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Spring Sprinkler Information to Know!

4/19/2017 (Permalink)

Now that spring is on it's way, You've likely started watering your grass again with an underground irrigation system. This is a great tool for handling the mundane task of preventing your grass from drying from not enough hydration. Unfortunately not all good things come without a price. It's time for some ways you can prevent your sprinkler system from having any future problems or future leaks.

  • What is a low head drainage

This is when the sprinkler continues to siphon water once the system has been turned off. This typically occurs at one of the lowest points in your yard as water drains down to that water spout. According to experts at sprinkler warehouse. "If a sprinkler head is located in the lowest part of the system, water will flow out of that head until an equilibrium has been reached or all of the water has emptied out of the zones pipes". When this happens, puddles start to form and or water flows across walkways and driveways. This an be prevented by a few adjustments being made t your system or the installation of drain check valve.

  • How does a broke pipe occur?

A broken pipe can occur in the main line or lateral line of an irrigation system. In the main line, there is continuous pressure. So if there is a break or leak in this pipe, then water is continuing to run. Unfortunately, this can cause erosion or a wet spot. Attention needs to be made to this problem immediately so that the water line can be completely turned off for repair.

-A lateral line reaches different zones in your yard and are under pressure when the system is running. It can be hard to detect a leak because it's only visible when the system is on and you have to notice which zone actually has the leak. Regardless of it's location, it too can cause erosion or holes in your lawn. If you notice a leak in your irrigation system, it can be fixed and should be addressed fairly quickly.

This information can help you be aware of any possible leaks.

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