Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Technician wearing full PPE"s while grinding studs

Safety is a priority

Safety of our technicians and our customers is a priority you'll see our techs are still wearing full PPE's (personal protection equipment) for our customers safety.

Stolen car into home in Rowland Heights

Stolen car into home in Rowland Heights

Top picture shows the aftermath of a stolen car into a home, glad to say no one in the home was injured. We were called to board up the damaged wall, and started the construction of rebuilding the framing of the wall that was damaged. After pictures will come soon!

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned

Certified SERVPRO Cleaned

When our logo is on your door, YOUR COMMITMENT TO CLEAN IS CLEAR.

Clogged Sewage Pipe Damage in Hacienda Heights, CA

This photo captures the extensive dirt left over in a bathtub caused by a a clogged sewage pipe. A plumber opened up the walls to fix the leak. SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights then came in and used their proper equipment to control the water and draw all of it out from the home as well as clean up the dirty mess. The home owners were so surprised that SERVPRO was very communicative.

Large Mold Damage in Hacienda Heights, CAA

This photo captures the extensive mold damage caused by a broken pipe water line under the flooring that allowed mold to grow under their carpet. SERVPRO of Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights came in and used their proper special equipment to control the mold and draw all of it out from the home. The home owners were extremely grateful that SERVPRO was able to complete the job professionally and quickly.

Toilet Back-Up in Hacienda Heights, CA

This picture was the result of a toilet back up in Hacienda Heights, CA. SERVPRO proceeded to extract the water using our equipment and monitor it until the goal was met. SERVPRO clean up all the damage and water and removed the padding to make the job successful. The home owner was very thankful for SERVPRO communication!

Burst Pipe Line in Hacienda Heights, CA

This water heater in Hacienda Heights, CA had a broken pipe line and caused significant water damage. SERVPRO arrived at the scene, repaired the wall behind it, and extracted the water from the surrounding affected areas. SERVPRO also used containment to ensure the drying would finish and no water would spread. The customer was overjoyed that they were able to use their hot water again within a few days with SERVPROs amazing and efficient help!

Shattered Glass Door in Hacienda Heights, CA

A family in Hacienda Heights, CA came home to a burst glass door after a burglary took place. SERVPRO responded quick to clean up all the glass from the floor and board up the door. The customer was extremely impressed with SERVPROs readiness to attend after hours.

Broken Water Line in Hacienda Heights, CA

This HVAC closet in Hacienda Heights, CA experienced a broken water line. It affected 8 areas on the property. SERVPRO proceeded to remove the affected carpet and drywall. Equipment was place to help repair the scene. The home owners were so thankful for SERVPRO's quick response!